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Discover how everything is energy and how you can get caught up in the experience of your emotions and feelings. If you’re caught up in feelings, it can feel like you’re on a roller coaster ride. Time to get off of that ride and find out if your perceptions are based on the past and how these hold you back from achieving your goals.

In this episode, you will:

    • Get free from being bogged down with feelings that limit and block you
    • Discover how thoughts become feelings
    • Learn how to be the observer of feelings as seeing them as energy to transcend the emotions

Show Notes

      • How thoughts become feelings [01:52]
      • How past experiences bog you down [02:50]
      • How to step back from your feelings and emotions by being the observer [03:40]
      • Use your body to tune into where the energy from feelings are located in your body [06:13]
      • Hear a clip from an interview with Silvia Hartmann and Love EFT, how everything is energy and how you can use the law of the universe to get over being angry and depressed to feel happy again [07:03]

Links Mentioned

Silvia Hartmann – Love EFT –


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