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Have you ever had a BIG vision that you really wanted to accomplish… but never took the steps to achieve it? Does fear hold you back from doing what you love and are passionate about? Are you ready to overcome these fears to finally get in the flow of what you most want in your life? Discover what really holds you back from doing those things and what you can do about them. You’ll discover how to gain awareness of what’s really going on that blocks you from taking action. You’ll also learn a healing technique that works fast to release these trapped thoughts and emotions.

What to Expect In This Episode

  • Going from fear to flow with your big vision and idea
  • What stops people from achieving their big vision, the 1 idea you could be doing right now
  • Insight from Albert Einstein and what’s the most important thing you need to chase and allow into your life to achieve your big vision
  • What’s at stake if you don’t follow through with your idea
  • Getting past fear of the unknown
  • What really holds you back from being in the flow and causes blocks from you taking steps forward
  • The path to go from fear to flow with awareness of your emotions, reactions, and ability to step back from acting in that moment
  • Use the Map of Consciousness to see what you’re feeling in the moment and the underlying factor causing this feeling
  • How to gain awareness of your feelings to identify the struggle you’re experiencing inside
  • Specific questions you can ask in the moment to be aware of the issue behind your fear to set up the course for healing
  • How to find the blockages in your body from these trapped emotions
  • Exactly how to move the stuck energy out of your body to heal and release

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