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Healing Angel Guided Meditation

Develop Your Core Strength And See Inner Beauty

Feeling off balance? Been knocked out of the flow and can’t seem to get back into the groove of life? Feeling down on life? This guided meditation will help you get back into your core strength and see beauty around you and in yourself… with the help of your angel!


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Length of recording: [22:50]

It Can Be A Struggle
If You Don’t Have Core Strength

If you’ve been through a traumatic event or a heartbreaking breakup, then you know the struggle it is to keep a positive attitude when your heart is broken or you feel really low on energy. Negative thoughts can zap your energy quick.

You could be experiencing your strength feeling like it’s being pulled from you. One of the things that abuse survivors struggle with is their core strength. They often find themselves in codependency situations because they do not understand how to set boundaries.

Boundaries often come from our core strength power and ability to be independent of others, not needing to help them in any way to feel better about ourselves.

Abuse Survivors Also Struggle With Accepting Themselves

Abuse survivors have trouble with saying kind things to themselves. They typically hear the negative voice in their minds the most, as it is often the loudest.

Even when someone says nice things to them, it is hard for them to take it in or even remember what they said. They only hear the negative things and then feel really bad about themselves afterwards, even if the other person was just trying to offer them feedback.

Finding Core Strength And Inner Beauty With Guided Meditation And Visualization

That’s why I recorded this guided meditation because I have a passion for helping those who are having trouble setting boundaries and seeing their inner beauty.

Here’s how this guided meditation helps you:

Use metaphor through guided visualization to embody your core strength. When you are able to fully step into your core strength

Start to feel that you are good and worthy enough for a higher level of communication with others and you won’t be so inclined to let people run over you or take advantage of you in any way.

You’ll also work with a flower to see its beauty and realize your own and your angel will be there assisting you the entire way. The angel performs healing on you and the healing work is deep and lasting to remove negative energy from your body.

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MP3 Format

Length of recording: [22:50]

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