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Do you catch yourself daydreaming about doing something, but never do it?

Do you long to fulfill a lifelong desire, but don’t try to?

Are you low on energy to do things you used to enjoy?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, your beliefs are influencing you in a bad way. Some beliefs have the power to stop you in your tracks. If you believe that you could never run a marathon, you’d never try. Some toxic beliefs can permeate multiple areas of your life. These beliefs are more damaging than specific beliefs. Believing you can never learn to play the banjo doesn’t have the same negative impact as the belief that you’re too old to follow your dreams.

But, even that belief is limiting and can limit your opportunities in life. For example, let’s say that recently you asked the Universe for extra money or a hot date. Then you were asked to attend a local event, but turned it down for some reason. If you look behind the scenes at this scenario, you’ll see that the opportunity was the answer to your ask… and you turned it down because of a belief.

It’s time to get rid of negative beliefs that keep you from living life. You don’t want to stay average your whole life, do you? You don’t want to spend time doing things you don’t enjoy, right? Let’s eliminate those beliefs and your way of being in life.

Here’s how to rid yourself of the following toxic beliefs that limit your life:

  1. It’s too late, or I’m too old.

Sometimes it is too late. You’re probably not going to start playing in the NBA if you’re 43 years old. But the number is far greater than the number of things you can’t.

– Colonel Sanders didn’t settle on a chicken recipe until he was 49 years old. Yet, you know who he is and you’ve likely eaten his chicken (finger licking good)

– There have been a few medical students that didn’t get started until their 60’s. Avoid jumping to conclusions regarding your age. You can do a lot more than you think.

  1. Failure is bad.

In reality, failure is normal. If you’re living, you’re also failing from time to time. The trick is to fail in the right way and make good use of it. Failure is nothing more than an undesired result. So you learn from it and you try again until you succeed. Make that your mindset and your goal.

– Take the opportunity to learn from your failures and adjust your approach. If one way doesn’t work, try another. If you continue to improve your method, how can you possibly fail over the long haul?

  1. The past equals the future.

This is a BIG one I hear all the time. Many people who have anxiety have it because they think that the past is going to keep repeating itself in the future.

In reality, you have an amazing ability to change and adapt. Just because you’ve labeled yourself as lazy, choice poor, uneducated, bad at communication, or self-destruction rebel # 1 in the past doesn’t mean the future can’t be different. The past only affects you if you permit it to. Choose to drop the past and live in the present.

  1. People will criticize me, laugh at me, or think little of me.

You’re right. They will. I’ve given what I thought was the greatest speech of all time only to see blank expressions, people on their phones, and others yawning… while the 1 person who actually gets it and is excited about it is inspired. It was a test and it may have failed for the majority to keep their attention, but that just means I needed to tweak my message to appeal to more people. Their criticism, laughing, and boredom can be very useful information for you.

This isn’t an inaccurate belief, but it’s harmful to be concerned about the opinions of others. No matter what you do, there are people that won’t be impressed. And there’s always someone ready to make a negative comment. Why do you care?

– You don’t have time to worry about such silliness.

– Please yourself and avoid worrying about anyone else’s opinion.

  1. I’m not smart, good with money, good with people, educated enough, special, or fill in the blank.

No one is good at everything. You can learn to be good at whatever skill you’re lacking. Don’t know how to save money? Read a book. Not good with people? Take a class. Lacking in real estate knowledge? Find a mentor.

– Successful people are often surprisingly ordinary. You don’t have to do anything spectacular to have spectacular results. You can find or create whatever you’re currently lacking.

A toxic belief could be holding you back from the success you deserve and poisoning your future. These negative beliefs are difficult to recognize because you’ve been carrying them around for so long. Do a personal inventory and evaluate all your beliefs that inhibit you. How do you know they’re true? What are they costing you? Get rid of them and proceed to bring your dreams to life.

What are some beliefs that have held you back? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts and insights.

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