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The Power of Your Story

Do you know how many edits a movie has to go through before being released to the public? If you said a lot, then you’re right. To get a movie to tell a story in just the right way, it takes days and hours of editing. And while I usually say NOT to edit your life,...

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How to Deal with Insecurity

Insecurity is a myth. It’s a lie your mind makes up to trick you into thinking you’re less than what or who you really are. There is no insecurity. If that’s hard to accept, then let’s walk through this together. It takes courage to see how to deal with insecurity. I...

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7 Surprising Reasons to Create A Humor Therapy File

Life is not always happy, happy, happy, but I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. When you have kids, you’re running them around to soccer practice, swimming, basketball, and maybe even football depending on their gender. If you’re constantly on the go, no matter...

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I Hope You Get Your Dreams

Hope you’ve had a nice Mothers Day for all Moms out there! I enjoyed the day with my two lovelies, Scarlett and Savannah, and my Mom! In honor of Mothers Day, I wanted to write a post about daydreaming and using a vision process to get in touch with the dreams God...

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The Myth of Fame and Fortune

Have you heard of Stephen King? You know… the horror fiction writer. In King’s book, On Writing, he explains his story about how he got into writing… and the events that led up to that. His job was less than glorious and Tabitha worked at a fast food joint. You can...

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The Death of 9 to 5 Jobs

Used to sing along to the Dolly Parton song, 9-to-5. It was one of my favorites when I was growing up. At the time, women were coming into their own in the workplace. The movie was a triumph for women in corporate America. Why? Because it told their story. The...

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What to Do When You Hate Your Job

Okay, show of hands. Who has been there before? Who hates their job now? Yeah, most of us have been there. Let’s face it, we need money to keep a roof over our heads and with the current economy, we want to keep any job we have right now. Right? Yes, but… …having a...

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Bring It!

Recovering from the weekend? Not sure what the day is going to bring for you? There was a story I read about a man who went to work feeling okay… As he encountered the first person on his way to the office, they said, “Hey, Jim, you don’t look so good. You feeling...

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Fear Has a Name

It’s called different things. Yours could be… Fear of heights Fear of spiders Fear of flying All of these are external. Two of them involve being high up and unable to control what happens to our physical bodies. For instance, what would happen if we fell from a...

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