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Have you ever spent a Saturday morning kickin’ it around the house? No real deadline. Not keeping to any schedule. Just sitting back… relaxing.

It felt good, right? You probably worked hard during the week and needed just one day to catch up.

I know how you feel. I kick back on the weekends too when I can.

The problem comes when you spend everyday like that. Because unless you’ve got a gazillion dollars, you are working. But even if you’re working and feeling productive, you could still be floating through life.

How can you tell if you’re floating through life?

Your brain keeps bringing up ideas of what you’d like to be doing instead of what you’re doing now.

Maybe it’s:

  • Starting that business
  • Going into the career you’ve always dreamed of doing
  • Getting back into college
  • Spending more time doing things you enjoy and less time working
  • You know, even if you had a gazillion dollars, you’d still be working. If you love your work, then you can’t help but do it.
  • But, you’re stuck… without a deadline.
  • God keeps putting something on your heart. Your brain keeps bringing up this one thing you’ve always wanted to do. You hear about your co-worker or peer getting this or that raise or promotion… or even a job nowadays… and you wonder, “when will it be my time?”
  • Well, that’s a good question. When will it be your time? God, the Universe, and heaven above all want to know that too. Let me share with you a story…
  • I passed by the white building for the twelfth time. The front lawn had lawnmowers scattered here and there. I had just moved into the new house and the grass was freshly cut.
  • “I’ll get to it someday soon,” I said.
  • Rain came, grass grew. I finally decided to go over there. My lawnmower had stopped working over four years ago. I had always had someone to cut the grass for me so I had never bothered to get it fixed.
  • The repair shop wasn’t open during the first time I pulled into their driveway.
  • I had tried to call the number, but it said it was out of service. After driving over there twice, I dropped it off with the owners in the evening.
  • “When will I have it back?” I said.
  • “We’ll give you a call in a few days,” the lady said.
  • It’s been six days.
  • Cutting the grass has been on my list to-do for about a week or so. Weeds have popped up. The grass looks uneven. Patches of clover sprouted flowers…
  • …and while my kids make flower bracelets, I grow uneasy thinking about the fact that the lawnmower repair people have no real deadline to fix my lawnmower.
  • Could it take a week? Will they figure out what’s wrong?

All of these questions keep popping up. I can’t call because the phone is out of service. I could drive by, but their hours aren’t even posted so I have no idea when to go over there and talk with them.

And yet, I was reminded again and again over a month ago to bring the lawnmower over there. Now when I need it back fast, I have to wait on their timeline when they can get it fixed.

You see how aggravating this can be?

I’ll bet you’ve had a similar situation happen to you.

It could have been with:

  • wanting a new job
  • needing a pay raise
  • trying to find a house
  • a relationship
  • closing a business deal
  • even getting a website being built
  • No real deadline to get it done.It may seem like it’s out of your hands, but is it really?
  • Whatever the situation, when you set a deadline, you get a result…
  • …and get closer to what you want.
  • I’ve noticed that when I’ve set a deadline to everything I’ve wanted to do in the past year, I’ve moved closer to getting that thing done. Recently, I came across a to-do list of short term goals that I had created. Every one of them had a deadline beside them and each thing on the list was pretty much done.
  • I have a few that I’m still working on and what I’ve learned is that as I go along, I get clearer about the thing I want. When you’re clear and specific about things with what you want and add what’s within your control to take action on your to-do list, you’ll find them happening before your eyes.
  • How is that?
  • Because you start to desire it and want to work on it.
  • Nothing happens without energy, action, faith and grace. Everything happens when you get busy.
  • Go ahead, take out your to-do list and add a deadline. Who cares if you’re not sure whether you’ll reach the end result by the time you list. Just put a date next to the thing to do. Then take action and figure out your steps to do it.
  • So, what’s first on your list? Share it below.

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