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Recovering from the weekend?

Not sure what the day is going to bring for you?

There was a story I read about a man who went to work feeling okay…

As he encountered the first person on his way to the office, they said, “Hey, Jim, you don’t look so good. You feeling okay?

Jim said, “yeah, I feel okay.”

The next person he encountered said that he looked under the weather. Jim said he was starting to feel a little bad.

By the time he came across the third and fourth person, Jim decided he was going home sick.

What he experienced was the power of suggestion. Instead of claiming how he felt for the day, he let others dictate how he was feeling.

There is awesome power in words and energy. Since God is energy, we can always draw from Him what we want and need to feel.

When you bring energy, joy, peace, and love to your day, that’s what you put out into the world… and it’s what you get back.

What are you going to add to your day

Are you going to stay in the crummy mood? Or are you going to BRING IT and feel that energy today?

Next time you feel like you’re not in the mood, try changing your energy by bringing enthusiasm to your words. Change your energy by adding energy to what you’re doing. Add love, joy, and peace to your energy just by asking and claiming it for yourself.

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