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I want to bring your attention to the fact that we have the ability to change the weather.

If this is new to you, then hear me out. I’ve seen it in action and I’ve heard dozens of stories from others who have shifted the weather. I also have a documented experiment I’ll share with you in this email and a link where you can read it for yourself.

But, yes, we have the ability to change the weather.

It’s a pretty nice gift to have, right?

Imagine you’re going to a friend’s wedding and feel a raindrop on your head. It’s going to be outside so you say a little intention for it to be sunny and for the rain to hold off… and then it does.

Or let’s say that you’re going to a football game and when you get there, you see many people were prepared and have rain jackets and umbrellas. Only you didn’t check the weather so you didn’t bring anything. You say a little intention for the rain to hold off until after the game… and you’re nice and dry until the moment the game ends when you feel a drop of rain as you scurry back to your car.

This sort of stuff happens all the time!

And it’s really easy to do. So let’s think of this as our own weather experiment because it’s going to help you trust your ability to tune into the universe and use your psychic and intuitive powers more.

The East Coast, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba, Dominican Republic and The Bahamas was recently impacted by Hurricane Matthew. Many lost their lives and homes due to the high winds. Many others are still displaced from the storm and have to return to find out if their house still stands or if there is a lot of cleanup that needs to take place.

It is sad and tragic and changes a person’s life.

Can People Change the Weather Now – And Are They?

I was reading Dr. Brian L. Weiss’ book, Same Soul, Many Bodies recently. For those of you who don’t know who Dr. Weiss is, he is a leading psychotherapist and past life regression hypnotist. His work is featured in Hay House globally. He gave information from real case studies of clients he regressed. In this book, that is different from other books he’s written, he also takes them into the future. In some of the case studies, he mentioned that we eventually learn how to communicate telepathically and have the ability to change the course of the weather to save lives.

He mentioned that people do things on the earth that create the weather we have today… the high category 4-5 hurricanes, the tornadoes, earthquakes, you name it.

I know that our weather started off as a huge chemical bath that, with lightening, the dense earth atmosphere, and many other ingredients, shaped our earth into what it is today. Weather has always been what seems to be uncontrollable on earth.

Now that weather is mostly calm on most days, I wonder if we can truly “harvest” it to a pattern that would bring about a fertile earth, even in places where it isn’t fertile like Africa.

I believe that anything we see in our mind’s eye is possible to happen in reality.

“Nikola Tesla said, in June, 1900, ‘The time is very near when we shall have the precipitation of the moisture of the atmosphere under complete control…’ If you have ever read a biography of the great genius, you’ll know he wasn’t joking.” [This quote, and the others below, taken from “Sightings”,   Notice that Tesla predicted, in 1900, that scientists would have the rain-making functions of the weather under “complete control“!

Tesla was talking about the government harnessing the use of machines and satellites to perform such a task. It also means that the government wants to harness weather to use as a weapon. You can see the article and research about this subject here.

Experiment in Changing the Weather with Intention and Prayer

For our experiment, however, I want to introduce you to this subject, it if it new to you, because it helps you trust your ability and profound power of connection with the universe. With confidence comes great power and responsibility. It also produces results for whatever you want in your life.

God created us to prosper and we each have our own vision of what that looks like.

So what does this mean for you?

A simple intention can change the weather. A simple intention can bring an opportunity your way, whether you are looking for love, more clients, your purpose, or need healing on an issue in your life.

Rather than stew in negative thoughts, create an intention and send it out to the universe.

Here’s my simple formula for an intention:

“I need [insert what you need] to [insert positive outcome]. I send this to the universe/God to take care of now.”

Here’s an example: I need to find the article I read about in 2015 around the prayer experiment to bring rain. I cannot find it and I need it to quote in an email for people to see the power of prayer and how it can help their lives. I will stop looking for it and wait for it to come to me. I send this intention out to God and the universe to take care of now. I let it be done and so it is. Amen.”

In writing this email, I wanted to quote and send you the research performed around that prayer experiment, but I can’t find the link anywhere so it’ll come and I’ll use it in a future email. 🙂

My Experience in Changing the Weather

I’ve seen the power of intention and prayer on changing the weather in my own life. When I visited Prescott, AZ for a two week long art therapy intensive training, during one of the projects, we were creating a ritual with a group that would positively impact our lives and bring healing. My group wanted to perform the ritual outside.

When we drew the time slot for our ritual, it was smack dab in the middle of the daily monsoon. The monsoon would come from 2-2:30 everyday and pour out rain. Not just drizzle rain, but a huge downpour of rain everyday. It had been like clockwork up until this day.

I reminded them that was the time of the daily monsoon, but they insisted on having it outside. So, I said, okay, if we are going to have it outside, let’s say an intention that the rain stay away. And so I said simply that I wanted the rain to stay away for the time of our ritual outside or something to that effect.

At the time of the ritual, everyone gathered outside in the circle we created. We had about 22 of us and everyone received a turn to say their intentions and gratitude in the circle. We even created a wand that everyone passed around while they tossed what they were getting rid of and what they wanted into the “fire” we created. The fire was actually two of our group members dressed up as elements dancing in the fire pit.

It took 10 minutes for everyone to go around in the circle. Meanwhile, the clouds circled around in the background and we could hear the sound of thunder.

As soon as our time was up, everyone started to go back inside. I stayed out to clean up the rocks we placed for the fire pit. That was when I felt the first dense drop of rain on my skin.

I got back inside just in time as it started to pour.

Later when I walked back to the dorms I was staying in, I passed a group of usually very beautiful roses. They were extraordinary today as each rose had the raindrops from the monsoon on them. By that time, the sun would have dried the rain off of the petals as they were dry each day I walked by them. But, on this day, they held the raindrops and were even more beautiful to look at.

That experience became a powerful influence in my work with energy and our ability to tune into the universe.

Go ahead and try using the intention formula to ask for things you want in your life.

Feel free to reply at any time with what has happened for you. I’d love to hear about it!

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