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Every year I choose a word of the year as the theme that I will cultivate throughout the entire year.

Many times I find that magic happens from the intention of each year’s word.

Three years ago when I started choosing a word of the year, I’ve noticed my life improve and change in positive ways that fulfilled the intention of the word.

Last year’s word was acceptance.

And the word did not disappoint. I accepted many things throughout the year and felt other people’s acceptance and love.

This next year I am choosing a word that describes what I most want in my life: FUN!

It’s been building up in me, has come out in conversations, and is something I’ve longed to cultivate more of in all areas of my life.

I’ve decided that 2017 will be the year for FUN!

One thing I want to do more of is to go out with friends. All parents need adult time to talk about what their interests are and just have fun being themselves.

Another thing I really need to cultivate more of is to nurture my explorer archetype. My explorer loves to discover new things and enjoys learning, investigating, and discovery, i received the intuitive guidance to discover something new each day.

It could be a new article or technique of doing something to a new coffee flavor or a new book. Of course those are all “safe” choices.

I’m going to challenge my explorer to choose a place to go visit, a new activity, new people to meet, and possibly a new place to go scuba diving at some point this year.

In addition to my main word of the year, FUN, I also chose the words FOCUS and FLOURISH to direct my energy towards goal-directed fun, not just fun for the sake of fun. One of the main ways I’m wired is as a strategist. I have to have a strategy for just about anything in my life. If I don’t, I feel it isn’t worth my time and get frustrated. With these added words, I’ll be able to focus my energy in a way that helps me stay in a clear, positive space.

I encourage you to create your word of the year and challenge yourself to have new experiences, create new connections, and new habits this year that feed and nurture what you most need in your life now.

Here’s the process I follow to create the word of the year:

  1. Get into a calm state of mind
  2. Ask the universe to bring you a few words for your word of the year
  3. Say each word aloud to yourself
  4. Notice what word lights you up and makes you feel the happiest
  5. Go with that word for the year
  6. Get a canvas from your local craft store
  7. Paint the background of the canvas
  8. Wait until it dries
  9. Paint your word of the year on the canvas
  10. Hang it up in a place where you can see it often and be reminded of what you intend to create

What word did you choose for your word of the year?



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