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Clearing Your Chakras Guided Meditation

Keep getting blocked from what you want and not sure why? Feel low on energy? Believe you’re off balance in some way? If you said yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to clear out your Chakras.


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Cord Cuttong Guided Visualization Meditation

Everyone has Chakras.Clearing your chakras guided visualization

These 7 energy centers in the body originated from one of the oldest texts known as the Vedas in India between 1500 – 500 BC. There are also mentions of the 7-chakra system in many ancient texts.

These wheels of life each have a high vibration and a low vibration. When they are not spinning in the higher vibration, then they are in a low energy state.

It is in a low energy state that you experience feeling unbalanced.

This leads to forgetfulness, timidity, shyness, difficulty concentrating, jealousy, anger, separation and isolation, and more, including eventually dis-ease.



In order to regain balance in the chakras, they need to be cleared.

One of the best ways to clear them is to put your focused intention on each chakra and send your breath into them.

Breathing is one of the basic ways of relaxing your mind and getting into the Alpha and Delta brain wave patterns. At these states of brain wave activity, your unconscious is able to let in knowledge and information.

This is important for clearing out the chakras because at this state of rest, you can also glean information from the chakras that helps you to prevent it from being out of balance again.



Here’s what you gain from clearing your chakras:


Improved sleep


Gain more money and restore money flow


Improved relationships and communication


Have more fun in your life


Have joy on demand


Increase in memory


Attract love, a soul mate, or twin flame


Speak your truth, live authentically, and feel more creative


Increase creativity


Improve health - release disease and illness

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I could feel some of the blockages in my head and heart area being released yesterday while you were working on me, and I feel less congested. Thank you so much!”


“I recommend the intuitive energy healing work Gabrielle offers to anyone who has simply had enough of feeling “enough is enough” and is ready to do something about it. ”

Alice J.

“Her positive energy helped me feel okay to talk about what I sensed was right for me and the new direction I wanted to go in. I feel more confident in realizing how I want to use my abilities in care giving service to the elderly. I feel it is a step in the right direction that will lead to fulfillment in my life.”

Katherine H. B.

Yes, I'm Ready To Clear My Chakras!

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