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Have you ever felt stuck in a relationship where you felt drained?

Have you given a lot, but it never feels like enough?

Do you think they will change?

If you said, “YES!,” to all of these questions or even just one, then you’ve experienced a toxic relationship.

These relationships are like Dracula who just wants to suck the life blood out of you.

There’s no, “Hey, how are you doing?” from Mr. or Miss. Dracula.

No, he just wants to suck your blood.

People like this will take up time and energy from you.

If and when you feel drained and tired, like you do not want to talk to this person, or that you need a break, LISTEN TO YOURSELF!

Your emotions and pain try to tell you that something is not going right in this relationship.

It is important for you to spend some time to yourself then and get clear on what you are feeling and what you want.

If your guy or gal always calls you to talk about how their day was, for instance, and fails to ask you how yours was, but keeps going on about the negative things in their lives, that kind of conversation is bound to take a toll on anybody.

Yet, pay attention to how you talk to the person about this issue and they fail to ever change to ask you how your day is going.

What is that about?
Did they forget?
Are they really concerned with you and your feelings?

It brings up a lot of questions, doesn’t it?

Pay attention to how you are feeling in this moment!

Your awareness on your feelings will tell you your next move.

Not exactly the basis for a give and take relationship, is it? Maybe that’s why I keep hearing about these blood suckers about how the victim thinks they will change.

No, they won’t.

Not right now at least because they are not aware of your feelings or the feelings of others they come in contact with.

They sort of know what they’re doing though. They are truly blood suckers because they want your energy.

You have a lot and they need it at this point in their life until they get their own energy back.

But, they pull you down in the process.

If you keep going in the relationship, you’re going to feel drained in the end and depleted of energy.

So, if you find yourself in this situation, take a step back and see how you are feeling.

Do you really want to keep going in a relationship that drains you?

Is it really worth the fight? You may have talked to this person about needing them to have outside hobbies, friends, and other things to do in the course of this relationship.

Did they listen?

Take stock of how you are being treated, listened to, and if you are being respected.

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