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Cord Cutting Guided Meditation

Do you feel like you have an energy leak? Not sure why you’re feeling low on energy? Keep thinking about someone and then feel bad about yourself? If you said yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to cut the cords to negative, draining relationships.


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Cord Cuttong Guided Visualization Meditation

Each person we come in contact with, we exchange energy without our knowledge. From the grocery store clerk, to the people we see at the gym, to your workout instructor, to your kids, and anyone in between.

Most of the time the energy we exchange is good, clean, and clear. For instance, you wouldn’t expect your grocery store clerk to start asking you personal, intimate questions.

Nor would most people you meet. The majority of people you come in contact with are there to perform a function like ring up your groceries and take payment for them, teach you how to do squats the right way, or help you find an item in the store.

There’s usually no residue, draining energy with these interactions. Sometimes, if the person is caring and compassionate, you’ll feel like you just received a warm hug.

Then there are other relationships with people who you’re close to. Usually these are clean and clear too if you have a good relationship and feel you can talk about your cares and worries with them.

But, there are also relationships where there’s judgment

It is judgment that creates conflict and leaves energy cords between two people. For instance, if you broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and still think about them, but their memory hurts rather than uplifts, then you have a negative energy cord.

Sometimes the memory is a positive one, but you feel disappointed because they never call you. Other times, you may believe they’re coming back, and wait, but feel hurt because that time never comes.

If you’re feeling negative about yourself, and/or the other person, you have energy cords that need to be cut.


Here’s what you gain from cutting the cords:


Get your life back!


Take back your thoughts.


Stop feeling like you’re being pulled or pushed in different directions.


Be guided to understand where you really stand with what happened. So often, denial keeps the cycle going.


This person may have left your life, but you can recognize the qualities of a relationship you desire and bring it into this visualization to imagine the right person in your life.


Instead of sitting and waiting for that person to contact you, empower yourself to imagine healing that relationship and creating a different life.


Feel more positive and in your own space.


Get to the bottom of the truth within the relationship.


Learn the truth and be done with the continuous thoughts about this person.


Receive guidance for your next steps to heal and start creating a life you want.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I could feel some of the blockages in my head and heart area being released yesterday while you were working on me, and I feel less congested. Thank you so much!”


“I recommend the intuitive energy healing work Gabrielle offers to anyone who has simply had enough of feeling “enough is enough” and is ready to do something about it. ”

Alice J.

“Her positive energy helped me feel okay to talk about what I sensed was right for me and the new direction I wanted to go in. I feel more confident in realizing how I want to use my abilities in care giving service to the elderly. I feel it is a step in the right direction that will lead to fulfillment in my life.”

Katherine H. B.

Finally Be Done With Draining Energy Cords!

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