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It’s called different things. Yours could be…

Fear of heights
Fear of spiders
Fear of flying

All of these are external. Two of them involve being high up and unable to control what happens to our physical bodies. For instance, what would happen if we fell from a height or if the airplane suddenly lost control?

The other fear is related to a form of control where we can’t control the venom resulting from a spider bite.

There’s other types of fears. These are more personal.

These fears could be:

Fear that deals with insecurity
Fears about trusting people
Fears about being alone

The difference between these fears and the external ones listed above is that these can be controlled internally.

That is if we are aware of the signs that accompany each of these fears and see God’s guiding hand. God opens doors when we take steps to commit to releasing these fears.

He also puts our fears in front of our face at times when we truly need to deal with them.

And, if you notice, He keeps bringing these up in different ways. Sometimes they take the form of fear.

Other times they take the form of jealousy. We see what someone else has and know we can have that if only…

If only what?

If only we discipline ourselves to work toward getting it.

Sometimes He puts it in front of us as a vision. We know that we have to get off our butts and work then, right?

Here’s that vision again, so vivid and right in front of our face, we could reach out and touch it.

Yeah, but we know that visions take some form of work on our part. Whether it’s from a process we have to go through to align our hearts and minds with our integrity and knowing, or whatever the process is, we still have to go through it to create the vision in reality.

But, we truly aren’t alone.

Every fear you have today has already been experienced by someone else on this earth. There are no new fears. They only feel new and frightening to you because you feel isolated, like you’re the only one who has ever experienced the fear.

The decision you make next is the deciding factor whether you overcome the fear or sit still while it consumes you.
The decision you can make is that at any time, you can face your fear head on or let it roll right over you. It’s your choice.

Just imagine yourself and this fear as goats. You’re in a fight and you’re locking horns with this other goat that is your fear. Are you going to ram that thing in the ground to declare yourself the victor?

Now imagine you’re a deer, it’s nighttime and a car is approaching. Are you going to stand there paralyzed by the bright lights?

You’re going to move, right?

Even if you’re in flight mode and run from your fears, you can change the way you feel in an instant.

It just takes a quick rearrangement of your thoughts to do it.

Want to try?

Ask yourself this:

Where does this feeling come from?
Why am I feeling this?
Is there something that I need to learn here?

Let the answers pour out from you and try not to be biased towards any or hold attachment to any of them.

Write them down if you feel like you want to explore more.

Once you’ve gotten the feelings out, ask God for his help and guidance.

Sit and be with the feelings He brings up for you. Ask to release anything held over and give you strength to face them.

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