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How often do you find yourself having a chat with God? Do you talk to Him everyday? Every other day? Once a year?

Prayer can reduce stress in your life.

Prayer is important in a healthcare context simply because it is used so widely. “Surveys indicate that nearly 90% of patients with serious illness will engage in prayer for the alleviation of their suffering or disease” (Jonas, W. 2003). Among all forms of complementary medicine, prayer is the single most widely-practiced healing modality (Glazer, S. 2005). Prayer is the second most common method of pain management (after oral pain medication), and the most common non-drug method of pain management (Puchalski, C. 2004).
– “Prayer”, University of Minnesota


What do you think about chatting with God to reduce stress in your life? Let us know in the comments.

I’m critical. For years upon years, I’ve been critical. I don’t know if it has something to do with my Astrology sign, my birth chart, or even my Myers-Briggs test outcome (INFJ).

Whatever it is, I’ve have to work hard to focus my thoughts on acceptance and going with the flow.

One area that I find it tough to keep moving forward with is letting go and letting God. I am a take action type of person, not to be confused with a type “A” personality. I just see opportunity and I take action.

When things don’t move at the speed of light, the way I believe they should, for the outcome of my efforts, I find it hard to trust the process to get to where I want to be or expect to be.

And I also find I’m afraid of failure.

Do you feel the same way?

Lately, I’ve had it brought up to me that I need to trust the process because events were going to keep having the same outcome until I learned to trust.

If you’re feeling the same, I’ve compiled a list of things to do while you wait on the outcomes to kick in to reduce your stress. You can pull your hair out all you want, but I think you’ll find the methods I mention here a bit more soothing and a lot less painful.


1. Chat with God.

Prayer, focused prayerful meditation, talking with God, and even writing to God all have the same intent.

We can do it several different ways, but I just like to talk with God and pray.

All it takes is talking with Him through your mind or verbalizing your intentions or questions. Keep a journal nearby so you can write to God in it.

Tip: If you’re wanting to speed things up just a bit, try praying to Saint Anthony and promising him a few bucks in his poor box at church.

Any nun stopping by my blog will likely hit me on the hand for giving you that little cheat on making things happen faster…

…but, for my Mom, she swears by praying to Saint Anthony.

Now I’ve gotten off the subject of chatting with God. Sorry about that.

2. Meditate on prayer.

Use prayer as your mantra, focusing on the words of the prayer during meditation.


3. Use song as prayer.

Lift God up by listening to uplifting songs about Him. Even songs of servitude help you connect with God when you’re feeling low on energy (and tired of waiting).


4. Tune into God

Ask Him what He wants you to do and let the answer come to you. If there’s an action you need to take, do it. If it’s just trusting in the process, then ask what you can do in the meantime.

Practice makes perfect. By chatting with God frequently, at least once a day, you’ll get better at making that connection. You’ll also find your stress levels going down as you wait for the process to take place.

Remember, that when God speaks to you through your hearing, sight, taste, smell, emotions, or any other senses, that whatever He’s saying is right for that moment.

For instance, God could be telling you that you need to hang onto your job even if you can’t stand it and then a few weeks later, you receive a promotion or you meet someone who wants to hire you on their team through your current job.

Be aware, pay attention to your senses and how they relate to things that happen in your life. This is God talking to you in many different ways.

By trusting your instincts and chatting with God, you’ll worry less and be productive more.

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