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This past weekend, I took my daughters to Goodwill to look at books. They have good prices and I hoped to find magazines I could use for visual journals. As they picked out books they wanted to read, I browsed the cookbooks and spiritual, religious books. One stood out for me more than the rest.

I recognized the name, Michael W. Smith, because I heard and sang along to his music many times before. As I started reading his book, Your Place In This World, I realized the book was about the song, but also about something greater. A mission that I identify with here on Express Your Spark, and one that I realized I need to develop more. It’s about helping people believe in what they can do in this world through faith and action, helping them realize they have a place in this world.

We finished running errands that afternoon and the girls went with my mom to eat. I drove to a kids sale that was ending that evening to find $1 deals on clothes, games, books, and anything else we needed. As I parked, I realized I had about 30 minutes to wait until the sale opened.

I started to read Smith’s book. I was drawn into so much of what he said, moved by the letters in the first chapter and how the song reached so many lost people who were struggling in the world. I underlined everything that jumped out at me and grabbed my attention. I knew it was all going in and developing inside of me into further conviction of my path, what God would have me do in the world.

As I read, I asked, “How would I ever earn a living doing this, God? How would I be able to help people like this?”

God distinctly said,”Do not worry about the money. You will always have that. You will have what you need. All you have to do is follow me. Follow me.”

I realized that I did need to follow what Spirit led me to do more often. Those reminders to create and explore come up for me often and I sometimes fail to follow the nudges.

One thing that Smith said in his book made me realize why I often do not follow God’s promptings. It was, “I had no idea what would become of it (Smith, 1998, p. 6).”

He was talking about when they released the song to the world. He didn’t know what would happen. He just followed what God put on his heart to do in the spirit of creation.

I often feel that way too and think, “why bother to create something if I don’t have a set goal or plan in mind for what I am creating…”

With that mentality, I miss out on so much that creation could bring to others. That fear of the unknown keeps me back from creating.

And then I realized that I have to experiment. One of my mentors told me that all marketing or anything we do is experimentation. We may have an idea of what end goal we want in mind, but we have to experiment in order for it to happen. And more than what we even dreamed could happen.

That is the attitude I am taking on today. I will begin experimenting and see what happens. I do it for clients all the time and have results so why not do it for myself and for you.

What do you want to experiment with and develop within you? What creation do you feel called to develop and bring to the world? Tell us in the comments.


Smith, M. W. (1998). Your Place In This World: Discovering God’s Will for the Life in Front of You. Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc.

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