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Are you among those who endlessly claim (or complain) that you’ll never meet the right guy? If you are, you really should continue reading. After all, this article teaches you how to reframe your negative thoughts so that you’d eventually meet the perfect one for you.

Reframe Negative Thoughts to Open Up to People Around You

Instead of saying that you will never meet the right guy, say that you are open to new relationships and to meeting great people. Saying that you will never meet the right guy is like closing yourself up to the whole idea of actually meeting anyone at all and to experiencing happiness. The law of affinity states that like attracts like, meaning negative thoughts attract negative outcome and positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. Any life coach for positive thought often says that.

The negative thought “I’ll never meet the right guy” is actually a limiting belief. When you say this, it just means that you do not have the right state of mind to even want a relationship. If you keep this frame of mind, you will likely end up settling for someone who is good enough but not the perfect fit.

Go Within to Discover What’s Blocking You

Have you considered looking into yourself why you haven’t found the right guy yet? Ask yourself why you always end up with someone who only breaks your heart and leaves you. Think hard. Find out what attracts you to them. More often than not, women are attracted to guys who have certain type of qualities that they also have. Crudely speaking, that’s approximately dating a projection of yourself in someone who happens to have a male reproductive organ.

If you both like and want the same things and you both think alike as well, then chances are you will end up always second guessing each other because this type of couple rarely works. As a life coach for positive thought would say, you should go for someone who complements you. Think of it this way, you should want someone who is like the vanilla ice cream to go with your apple pie, or the hot fudge for your sundae. They go nice together. They balance each other and they do not become overwhelming.

Loving Life Now Even if You Are Single is the Key to Happiness

Now, it is time to remind you to not rush things. It’s perfectly okay to go slow. Appreciate life while you are alone, as what a life coach for positive thought would advice. It’s okay to do things alone. Love yourself and know that you deserve a great guy. When you are happy about yourself, good things usually follow. Go back to dating and try to remember that now, you know better so you can choose better.

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