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Have you felt a connection with someone only to get stuck in the trap of wondering whether it was going to work out or not?

Getting trapped in that head space can leave you spinning around in circles, wondering whether this is “the” relationship or just another way to pass time.

I say don’t worry about it. Enjoy the moment.

Here’s how…

When you find someone you’re compatible with, relax and be in the moment. Let go of attachment to the person, to your fairy tale wedding, to your plans, to anything that is too narrow focused.

Seeing that in writing may make it seem easy to do that, but it’s not.

Try the following steps:

1. Relax

Take a moment to breathe and refocus on yourself. Ground yourself so you can let those narrow focused beliefs pass by. Our minds will often show us images and represent the way we believe things should go.

These images represent what we’d like to have and what God has in store for us, but often we attach ourselves to these images. We try to recreate these images in real life and we miss out on the lessons and enjoyment that life offers.

When we focus on these images, we try to fit our current situation into the pictures.

Take a deep breath, let the images pass by. Step into the moment of here and now.

2. Reconnect with your right brain

Your left brain is the side that is analytical. You’re analyzing the situation and that needs to stop.

Write down what you’re feeling. Paint it. Channel the energy in a creative way so that you get it out. Yet, you’re creating something that will help you reconnect to Spirit and to love.

3. Soften and flow

I learned a healing technique a few years ago that has helped me immensely. I used to feel anxious around groups of people. By noticing when my body was starting to feel jumpy and when I noticed I’d start going inside my head, I’d use this technique. It helps me regain my sense of now.

Being in the now is the best way to get past yourself and love the present you have before you.

Here’s what you do…

Notice where this sensation is coming from in your body. If you feel pain or a tenseness, put your hands at that spot.

Start circulating your hands, moving them in a circle (wax on, wax off). You’ll start to feel connected to the energy there.

Now tell the energy to soften and flow, guiding it to an exit point in your body, usually your feet and toes or your fingers. Keep guiding the energy until it leaves your body, telling it to soften and flow.

When it’s out of your body, ask yourself where that feeling is on a scale of 0 to 10, with 10 being the highest amount of intensity you’re feeling. Keep getting that energy out of your body until you’re at a 0.

When you’re finished, you’ll realize you can continue on with the day feeling more refreshed and able to connect to love.

Ask Spirit to guide you, to help you move past your own thoughts and expectations. Ask Spirit to help you connect to the present, to here and now, to love. Say, “I am love,” and believe that you already are and that you’re connected to it… you will be.

Tell me about your love story. How do you get out of your own way and connect to love? Are you having trouble with connecting? Tell me what’s blocking you.

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