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The universe is constantly talking to us. Are we listening? What information is the universe trying to send to us? When you discover how the universe (God/Source) talks to us through our senses, you open yourself up to a world of guidance meant to help you live your best life. Find out how this information is sent to us through your senses, the 6th sense Nikola Tesla named, and the #1 issue that keeps you stuck in a fear cycle. Also learn how to open your senses to receive the guidance you need from the universe.

    • Discover how the universe (or God) communicates to us through our senses
    • What information we receive from the universe through our senses
    • Nikola Tesla’s 6th sense named
    • How to be open to receiving the information the universe is sending to us
    • How we can be blocked from receiving that information
    • Example of how this works when you are blocked
    • How frequency and wavelengths work to reduce anxious thoughts in our brain
    • How to use these to reduce fear and get out of the cycle of fear
    • The #1 issue of dismissing and expectancy based on belief that keeps you stuck in a negative cycle
    • How to open your senses to receive the info you need for guidance

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