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Keeping your chakras in balance is vital for the overall health of you mind, body, and spirit. Aligning the chakras and keeping them in sync can help you maintain balance in your life. However, if one or several of the chakras are out of alignment, problems will manifest as physical ailments within the body. When this happens you will need to identify where the blockage is taking place and take the appropriate steps to clear it. Each of the 7 chakras requires a different method of healing.

What Causes Blockages in the Chakras?

The causes of blockages in the chakras could be caused by suppressed memories, traumatic experiences or a restrictive belief system. Any kind of emotional turmoil could cause the energy flowing through your being to become interrupted or inhibited in some way. Identifying the root cause of these feelings is the first step to clearing the blockage and letting the energy flow freely, restoring balance.

Each chakra can manifest unbalance in different ways, but the following guide lists some common ailments associated with different chakra blockages

Root Chakra Blockage Symptoms

You may experience fatigue or bowel issues. You may also feel disorganized or unreasonably anxious.

Solar Plexus Chakra Blockage Symptoms

You may experience indigestion, or low blood sugar levels. You may also experience feelings of poor self esteem, or hopelessness.

Sacral Chakra Blockage Symptoms

For women you may have painful, heavy periods and fatigue. You may also feel like you are “stuck” and may experience low libido.

Heart Chakra Blockage Symptoms

Blockages in the heart chakra can cause heart palpitations, and high blood pressure, as well as other heart related conditions. You may experience feelings of fear and panic.

Throat Chakra Blockage Symptoms

Problems in this area can include thyroid issues and constant issues with sore throat. You may feel as if you can’t get or stay motivated.

Crown Chakra Blockage Symptoms

Blockages in this chakra may cause insomnia. You may also find it very hard to concentrate.

Third Eye Chakra Blockage Symptoms

You may experience headaches and migraines. You may also feel depressed and disconnected.

Once you have identified the cause of the blockage you can start to address it. There are various methods for clearing the chakras including visualization and focused meditation. There are even some yoga poses that can target specific chakras and help improve energy flow.

You will know that you have encountered a block if you focus intently on a specific chakra and you find yourself becoming agitated, frustrated or even angry. This is the chakra’s way of telling you that there is an issue. Clearing blockages can take time and effort, but it is absolutely essential for maintaining proper balance.

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