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During the course of the week, I had questions about my future so I called a psychic to ask them about it. This was another lesson in trusting God. That’s exactly what the psychic, Ivanna, told me to do. Her actual words were, “the fact that you’re calling me to go over this list of colleges you’re applying to is giving away your responsibility and power to trust your own intuition and make your own decisions.”


“But, I need to validate these feelings I get from God,” I said. “I have to do that by talking it out with someone else.”

“Then trust your own ability,” said Ivanna. “You could be doing readings for all of us. You’re a strong intuitive. You can easily do a session on yourself and get the answers you need or call a friend. The answers come from you anyway. I use your energy to see the answers.”

And that was when we ran out of time. Point taken, God.

I knew in that moment that a lesson was given to me that I’m sharing with you. Trust yourself. You know what to do in any given moment.

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