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In dating, we hope for the best, but sometimes get dealt with situations that are less than ideal. As a healer, I see the best in people. I see who they are now and who they want to be and can be, even if they do not verbalize this to me. It can sometimes weigh me down when I want to see them as they can be, but am not meeting them where they are at.

The issue comes in when, as an empath, a wounded healer, or a healer in general, you take in someone’s negative energy… then you get stuck.

Read this story to find out how this works and how to get unstuck:

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Waiting by the phone is never fun.

Karl seemed interested at first. He said he was interested, at least.

But then the wait in between contact was excruciating.

It would be days, weeks at a time, even up to a month to hear anything.

With the long gaps in communication, you’d think Anita would have known something was up. But she had already talked to him about his interest. It was there.

Yet, he didn’t contact. It was confusing.

Anita had always believed in taking people by their word. When they said they were interested and would call and get together, she literally thought they would.

However, this time her emotions were running amok inside. Negative thoughts would creep in and as often as she tried to push them down, they would come back in full force and even worse.

It got to where she couldn’t concentrate for long periods of time anymore.

It was confusing.

She would try to understand why he would say one thing and then do another.

But every time she doubted his word, her mind would pick apart every scene in an effort to prove to her it was all going to be okay.

One day, she found out that a friend of hers died the year before and she didn’t know until his birthday.

She felt so sad for not having contacted him in over a year.

When she went to see his pictures on his Facebook page, his motto clearly spoke to her saying, “actions speak louder than words.”

Immediately, she understood the context of the message in relevance to her by her friend. It said that actions are shown through reality, not in imagination or in wishful thinking.

While she realized this related to the love interest, she turned the lesson around on herself and realized she needed to reach out to those who she loved. She sent a joke to her family and friends and included this person on the list.

When he got back in touch, he chatted a bit and said he was going into a relationship.

Even though she was trying to be his friend, she felt the sting of rejection. She was reaching out and trying to show her care, but he wasn’t receptive.

After this happened, she questioned her beliefs and realized she was still loyal to a person who had changed so much from the previous years she had known him. It was unfortunate, she thought.

While questioning it, she saw a grayish figure appear in her mind’s eye and began to shake. The figure seemed to have a lot of fear and negative energy it carried.

It loomed over her.

She felt as if this figure were trying to control her.

It seemed to be trying to pull her into a tailspin.

Almost as soon as it came, another figure came in.

She recognized this figure as a person from her past who she shared an innocent, unconditional love experience with and since learned so much from.

This person held her and shielded her from the negative entity that left.

He had the most brilliant bright light with him that shone throughout his body.

He sent her a message saying that she needed to protect her mission.

He said that she didn’t have to let in negative people or entities. He then held her out to the side of him. He told her to stand there and be strong, to feel those approaching and to notice those who carry the light and those who do not.

And that she needed to let go of those who did not respect her mission or let her be herself.

He since has been holding her out to his side in the light as she embarks on the path of meeting new people.

Conclusion and Learning

This vision and the message from her friend were clear.

1) “Actions are louder than words.” If a person is not contacting you, then there’s a reason. Likely, they are not interested for some reason. A man hunts. He initiates. He contacts. If he lives in the USA, then he knows to do this already, and trust me, he will! Even if it is a simple one-sentence text that is very ambivalent as to its message and meaning, he will contact. He will initiate. He will pursue. This is as old as the beginning of humankind. Men hunt. They pursue. They have that innate drive to do so and will if they catch the scent of their mate. So no matter how you knew him, met him, or anything else, if he isn’t contacting, he is not into you. Actions are louder than anything he says at any one time. Besides, he may not have been telling you the whole truth at the time. That what is hidden may not come out until later.

2) The vision represented a figure who was negative and would cause her to shake. She was tuning into a bodily reaction to this person. Likely because there were drugs or alcohol involved that would cause him to shake and not be his true self without that substance. Although it is not mentioned in this story, in real life these were suspected. Always follow your body reaction! In the beginning of the interaction, she felt to shut down and leave the situation without any reason or explanation of why she felt that way. Because she wanted to push past her body’s reaction, this caused the confusion. Listen to your body and follow its guidance! It knows the way!

3) The vision that represented the light-filled person has been a guide in what to look for in the right person. This is a deeper awareness of a person that you can pick up at surface glance and also in being around someone. It is there, but sometimes dismissed. Never dismiss anything!

Even if you don’t see the light immediately in another person, look into them to see if it is there. For this person who she knew, he had always been a guide since day 1 of meeting him. She felt he was a father in another life, and that he was guiding her to the right person.

4) Although this isn’t listed here… her friend who had passed said he was sticking around until she made the connection she needed to make and that it would be soon. Sure enough, she got frustrated with one of the dating sites one day and went to download several other apps to try and meet some people. On one of the sites she met someone she already knew.

Not too long after that, she talked to another few people on another app. She since connected with a few different people. When she asked her crossed over friend about all of this, he said, you’ve made your contact and he was leaving. He also showed up whenever she mentioned the person’s name to another friend of hers who she talked to so that she would know what direction to go in.

Tip: Although you may think you know something, you still have to be open to new insights and knowledge that comes in during the process of getting to know people you’re dating. One of the things that is the most important for you is to know what it is you need and want and what you can and won’t compromise on. One of the things mentioned in this story is that she needs to protect her mission. So she will be looking for a man who will support her in her mission and life purpose. Even if he doesn’t take an active role in it, he will need to be supportive in other ways. One of those ways is to be a stable person, not drama oriented, not a cheater or liar, or an abuser. Not a person who she would doubt her choice on.

Take this into consideration when you are making choices about the people who you are dating!

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