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It’s time for a gratitude challenge! Discover how making gratitude a daily practice helps you to eliminate low levels of energy and emotions. Just 5 minutes of gratitude can lift your energy into joy and shift your attitude towards positive thoughts. If you suffer from rumination, feeling low energy, and try to chase away negative thoughts, try gratitude!

What to Expect In This Episode

  • How gratitude puts you into a higher vibration of energy to eliminate depression, low energy
  • Discover the Map of Consciousness and how you can overcome anger, shame, pride, fear, and more low level energies
  • How gratitude stops negative behaviors like aggression and impulsive actions
  • How negative vibrations create patterns in your brain and keep you stuck, creating these all the time (and How gratitude is an easy, conscious process you can use to be positive)
  • Use a body exercise to see how negative thoughts make you feel and discover how positive ones make you feel
  • Create a “Gratitude Goal” for yourself to practice gratitude everyday
  • What “practice” is
  • Prompt for your Gratitude Journal
  • Examples of what to write as part of your gratitude practice

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