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When you are faced with a decision, you may feel that you need your Spirit Guides’ help fast. The problem is that you may be out of your comfort zone and not in your home or regular place of communicating with them. You may not have ever communicated with them before now at all.

This “how to” will walk you through making contact with your Spirit Guides and receiving spiritual and action oriented guidance.

It is useful for business owners and entrepreneurs who need to use their intuition to make decisions, help in relationships, and even help making everyday decisions.

You can do this alone or around a group of people. If you find yourself getting distracted often, I recommend finding a quiet spot to establish contact.

  1. Close your eyes. Tune everything out around you as much as possible.
  2. Take a few deep breaths in and out. Focus on releasing any stress from the situation, any right or wrong attitude towards the decision, and just focus on knowing that the choice you receive and make will be for your higher good.
  3. Focus on connecting with your Spirit Guides. Tune into their presence. Feel their support of you. If this is your first time connecting, you may want to ask their names.
  4. Ask your question to your Spirit Guides. They may ask you what your question is before you do this. You may notice there is no guilt or shame placed on you if you haven’t connected with them before or in a long time. They simply want to help you on your journey.
  5. Notice what answers come to you. Sometimes you may see images, hear words, sense feelings and a knowing about the solution and answer to your question. You may pick up on future events. Whatever comes to you, write it down.

If the answers are coming very fast, writing it down can help you ask questions to clarify the meaning of the answer if you need to.

  1. Ask clarifying questions. Choose some of the questions below to help you clarify the information your Spirit Guides give you.

What does this image, word, or feeling mean in this situation?

What do I need to know about how this fits with my decision of (say your first choice)? Repeat this question for another choice

How does this decision help my highest good?

How does this decision help the highest good of those around me?

What are the negative outcomes that I will face if I make this decision, if any?

What are the positive outcomes that I will have from this decision?

What do I need to be aware of that influence this decision?

What part of me is making this decision?

Are all parts of me aligned in this decision?

If not, then what does that part of me need to be aligned in this decision?

What else do I need to know about this situation that will help my highest good?

What do I need to know about myself to move forward in this decision?

What do I need to learn from this decision?

What action do I need to take in this decision?

What else do I need to know about this decision?

  1. Thank your Spirit Guides for their help. Now you may feel energized, clearer in your choices and know what to do and which direction to go.

Now that you know what to do, leave a comment to say what decision you were helped with and your experience of getting help from your Spirit Guides. If you have questions or need help with connecting, comment below to say what issues you are having and questions you have.

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