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Since the 2016 election, I’ve been called upon to speak out more about predictions. I predicted Trump would win to my friends and family, but didn’t go on record in saying it. I’m just starting to be more vocal about the predictions I see, and not all will be immediately recognizable or understandable. What information I get I will pass on to you. If you have any predictions or tips you want to share, I’d love to hear them so join in the discussion.

During the election I sought to clarify my predictions and get feedback. I found a video online where a man gave a prediction that Trump would win and we would have 100 years of prosperity. He predicted that Trump’s kids would also become politicians and continue to serve in government after him. This could become true because as of 2 days ago, Trump announced that he is appointing 3 of his kids to serve with him towards completing his first 100 days plan.

Since listening to this video, I’ve been listening to end-times prophecy and working to interpret the scriptures more as well as compare these to what’s going on in the world now and prophecies from others like Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus. My plan is to investigate these prophecies and read for myself to determine the interpretation or just lay out the findings for all of you to interpret and comment on. Will have to see how it is directed by spirit moving forward.

Channeled Prophecy – 11/14/16

Note: When I channel information I see, sometimes it comes from the past and may not be a prophecy for now or the future, but the message and learning you get from it applies to today.

I am the LORD, and there is no one else; there is no God beside me.” – Isaiah 45:5

  • Clouds that see jets fly between them, the Blue Angels, jets with high power
  • A gray castle, a city walled up, knights surround it, knights with beards, black chain mail and swords, cold and see their breath blowing out of their mouths, quiet, stillness

It was a time of great turmoil with the armies surrounding the city. Let none cry in the face of stillness that day as the city knew its defeat. The soldiers did not rest. They slayed with their swords all who they found.

Many were in fear, but they let themselves be caught for they did not fight back. They didn’t take matters into their own hands as they could have.

No, they allowed themselves and their ears to grow dim to the words and signs of God, Jehovah.

There in their hearts they actually sighed a happy defeat for they were struck in a perpetual spin of waiting for it to happen anyway when all along they had the opportunity to change their minds.

If they didn’t know how, then listen because, although it is different for every person, one thing holds true – they are already allowed to see the information from God, Jehovah.

And what they do with this information is where God, Jehovah wants to intercede with the mixture of passion and purpose, buried in the seed within their hearts. He is here to water it and let it blossom.

People need only to open their eyes and senses to the information echoing back to them all around them to be aware of this hidden level of love and knowledge.

<———–End Prophecy—————>

So, I’d love to hear your feedback and what you interpret from the prophecy above.


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