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It’s not always obvious, is it? When you are searching for meaning in life, you may not recognize the signs that are right under your nose. You are in the middle of it, searching, searching through the muck and the mud. No wonder it is so hard for you to see!


The Subtle Signs of Your Path

The signs are all around you. Spirit communicates with you all the time.

There are a few things that keep you from seeing the signs.

When you are still and let the sign in, you realize what Spirit is trying to say to you.

If you are busy, rushing around, you may miss the signs.

If you lack belief in yourself, you may dismiss the signs.

When a sign comes, the feeling is often fleeting. It takes strength and courage to believe in the sign you’ve received.

What you won’t feel when you receive a sign is anxiety, fear, or any other negative emotion. These come after you receive the sign when your analytical mind begins to deny the signs and analyze them. Doubt and fear may be present after you have the sign.

When you are thinking about a situation or person, notice what comes up for you in the next few moments that seems to tug at you about it. Signs can come in many forms. Anything and anyone can give a sign to you.

It could come from a child that wants you to read a book to them. In the book are the words that you needed to hear for comfort or to bring insight into how you feel.

Signs could come from songs that echo your feelings, movies, an article in the paper, a blog post, and even from nature. When you feel the wind on your face, notice what is stirring within you and ask for the message you need to receive.

Feeling the Sign

The feeling may come as a moment of clarity where the puzzle pieces seem to fit together and your mind is able to accept that this sign confirms your path or whatever you have been thinking about.

Knowing often comes with the sign. We all have knowing. This helps us realize truth from what is false.

Knowing can happen so fast inside our minds. You may see a vision, hear Spirit, or feel in your body the truth of it.

All of these ways of knowing confirm to your brain that what is being said or shown is truth. Even though you may not have all the information you need to make an informed choice in front of you, you just know it is the right thing for you.

Notice what you feel in your body when you receive a sign. This is your natural state of being. It is free from worry, anxiety, fear, and doubt. At the moment that you realize the clarity of the situation, there is no room for fear, doubt, or any other negative emotions that attempt to rob you of your joy and peace.

You may feel relaxed and confident that your decision is the right one and is beneficial to you. It is a knowing and state of being that gifts you with clarity. You may also feel joy at having the sign and gratitude.

When you receive a sign, it is confirmation of what thoughts may have consciously come up for you. In that moment of clarity where you receive the sign’s message, you acknowledge and surrender the doubt, fear, anxiety, and any other feelings that came up as you have sought the path.

Unconcious and Conscious Connections

If we are not in regular touch with Spirit, the communication comes mainly through unconscious connections. One way that Spirit tries to get our attention is through dreams. Dreams are an unconscious connection that Spirit uses to give us vivid messages.

Often we may not understand the message in a dream because it is filled with metaphor.

Faced with the Choice

When you receive a sign, you have a choice. If you have seen another outcome, then you can choose whether or not to move forward with the decision.

Having to make a decision doesn’t mean that you are committing to the choice. For the moment you are, but if you see that the sign changes, then go where you feel led.

Often, the sign and decison means that you need to take action. What action you take is dependent on you and your goals after seeing the sign. If you accept the sign as confirmation for the right path to take, then you will know what action steps are needed when the time is right.

Free Will

There is also the presence of free will in any situation. Free will means that you see the potential possibility of the path you have been shown. It means that you have a choice of whether to pursue what you have been shown or not.

It is through faith in things unseen that you trust the signs you are given and move forward on your path, knowing that whatever decision you make in the moment is the right one.

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