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Discover the universe inside you by learning how to heal and use your intuition so you can create your life with purpose and passion.

Cord Cutting Guided Visualization MeditationCord Cutting Guided Meditation

Do you feel drained? Keep thinking of someone and can’t get them out of your head? Bothered by someone else often? Cut the cords to relationships that are draining your energy. Save Save

Chakra Clearing Guided MeditationClearing Your Chakras Guided Meditation

Feel like something’s blocking you from what you want? Keep running into the same brick wall to reach your goals? Use this guided visualization to clear your chakras. You’ll re-connect with the energy and vibration you need to make it happen.

Angel Meditation - Be Still, Strong, And See BeautyHealing Angel Guided Meditation – Develop Your Core Strength And See Beauty

Find your core inner strength to be still in the midst of what you may be going through. In this meditation, receive the help of a guardian angel to assist you all the way through. The angel helps to heal blocks out of your body to release and bring in an inner strength that you embody and begin to be in reality. Use this guided visualization to be still and realize your inner strength, and see beauty in yourself. Save
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