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Do you know how many edits a movie has to go through before being released to the public?

If you said a lot, then you’re right. To get a movie to tell a story in just the right way, it takes days and hours of editing.

And while I usually say NOT to edit your life, there’s some things you have to cut out when they’re not working for you.

I used to film the local church’s Christmas and special shows. I’d then go home with the tapes, hook them up in my digital video recorder to my computer with Fire Wire, and edit them.

Getting the dance choreography right between two cameras was tough work. It took days and hours of separating the frames at just the right spot.

A movie’s edits aren’t even half the story. It starts with an idea. The idea gets fleshed out on a storyboard, filmed, and then cut to tell a precise story that may be very different from the one they started with.

After watching Pixar’s “The Incredibles,” I turned on the extra scenes to get a look at how they created the movie. The Director showed one scene they had created with Jack Jack and Syndrome. It was a powerful scene and one of his favorites.

He was sad to cut it from the movie, yet it was necessary to shorten the story line into the fast paced movie we know.

And so it is in life.

We start out wanting one thing. For some, it’s a family. For others, it’s love, acceptance, peace, prosperity.

The journey to that thing we want is the most important part of the story. It’s the make it or break it stage. The hero’s journey.

It’s where you find who you are and what you have to bring to this world.

You’re living your story now. What you’re doing right now in your career, your love life, your business is what you know to do. If you don’t like where you’re at now, take steps to change it.

Edit your life story with what doesn’t serve you and doesn’t fit.

After all, it’s your story.

This weekend, the girls and I went to see “Brave” at the movies. The story was about a girl who challenged tradition and changed her fate.

In “Brave,” Merida was subject to a fate that befell so many princesses before her. She challenged her fate and changed it and changed the people around her.

She was brave.

Instead of letting fate take her where someone else wanted her to go, she listened to her heart.

God puts things on our hearts for a reason.

He whispers to us the path we must follow to find ourselves, to find freedom, to live and love.

Ever since I could remember, I felt called to serve God. I remember feeling the pull when I heard the song that described Samuel’s calling, “Here I Am, Lord.”

I didn’t always listen. I turned away from my calling and thought that others knew better than me, but that wasn’t true. It’s never true. Only you know what’s right for you.

God gives you the answers inside you.

Be brave.

Follow your path.

Write your story.

I want to challenge you to do that this week.

What is your heart calling you to do? What’s one step you can take right now to get closer to that goal?

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