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Yes, there is!

We have many soul mates in our lifetime. Where many get confused is that they think soul mates are only romantic partners.

That is not true.

Soul mates come in different forms. They are those with who we receive help from at any point in our life. The help can be as small as a smile or kind word we needed to someone who stops and gives us a lift to our destination when our car breaks down, to friendships that are with us throughout our lifetime.

Here’s a little more about soul mates:

Romantic Soul Mates 

There are two different kinds of romantic soul mates. Those that stay with us for a lifetime and those are only in our life for a short time. The short term soul mates, we may date, marry, or be attracted to those soul mates for a short time, but not our entire lives.

With those that we stay with for a lifetime, there’s a strong bond and connection, chemistry is firing on all cylinders to keep us attracted to them, and we also share a strong friendship with romantic partners who are with you for a lifetime. We often share the same values and beliefs. These soul mates truly accept us, have compassion for us, and know how to repair relationships with us whenever we disagree and have differences. This repair of the relationship and willingness to repair the relationship is what makes it stronger. These lifetime soul mates have a strong attachment to you and are committed and willing to put in the time and effort in the relationship.

There are also romantic soul mates that we are attracted to, but are only around us for a short time. These soul mates often have a lesson for us to learn from them. They come into our lives to show us some unhealed aspect of ourselves. When we go through hurt and pain in a soul mate relationship, it is this unhealed part of us that keeps coming up for us to heal.

Often, it means that we need to be assertive and step into our ability to say, “no,” and set up boundaries with these soul mates. It depends on the lessons you are here to learn. These soul mates will keep coming up in our lives in different forms.

The romantic soul mates that are here for a lifetime are those that learn and grow with us. They accept us, are honest with us about their feelings and their perceptions of us, allowing us to express ourselves freely, and encourage us to grow. These soul mates we feel great around and know that we can trust and be intimate with them about our inner feelings.

Family and Friends as Soul Mates 

Your family and friends are soul mates also. Although you may have differences in opinions, beliefs, and ways of being, the family and friends who are closest to you are often lifetime soul mates.

They are in your life to also encourage your growth in many different ways. Often, as in your parents, will rub that core wound and aid in your healing of it. Along your path, you learn and grow from these soul mates and they contribute to who you are today.

Friends who are more like family than your real family are true soul mates for life. They may know all about you, your inner most thoughts, and love and accept you. Those who give you the freedom to be who you are are soul mates, whether for a short time or longer.

Those friendships that truly know you and listen to you also allow you to be who you are in the friendship. These relationships know how to repair situations when you may disagree and have differences. You may be apart in different states or for years, but be able to pick up from where you left off the moment you reconnect.

Oppositional Soul Mates

Believe it or not some enemies are also our soul mates. Even though they may rub us the wrong way many times, they are showing us a part of ourselves that we need to come out. It usually has to do around a buried belief we need to take a stand in.

Whether that is around ending bullying, world hunger, saving innocent animal or people’s lives, or some other issue that just makes you so mad, these soul mates stir that energy within us.

When you cross these soul mates, it isn’t the time to back down, but to truly examine what you think and feel about the situation, then stand up for what you believe in. These soul mates are truly helpers in our path to us being able to stand up. However, we may feel like shrinking from that high octave energy, but it is time to step into it, not shrink away from it.

Twin Souls/Flames

These soul mates are those that are so much like us. We mirror each other almost perfectly. Of course there are some clear differences, but we often think so much alike and have had similar experiences in life. These soul mates often come into our life to heal and be healed from a similar experience we’ve been through.

These soul mates were made at the same time as each other. They were made to complement the other in spirit and in life. What keeps them separated from the other on earth is that of the path of learning. It is a path and journey to listening and trusting your intuition. When you listen to your inner voice of guidance inside, and learn the principles and teachings of the universe, you free yourself from the conditioning of the world, the learned behavior patterns and teachings that has kept you from your twin soul.

It has gotten more complicated with the many choices available today, but also with the added layer of trauma and the separateness of civilization that keeps you from knowing your twin soul, if you haven’t met them yet. It is not the same as it once was when your ancestors walked the earth.

Today, you will know your twin soul when you meet in union and you understand that you share the same goals, values, compassion towards each other, and alignment in your communication AND you are committed to each other.

Soul Mate Helpers

These soul mates show up when we need something. They are the messengers, the encouragers and cheerleaders, those we are connected to from a distance and those who just simply show up in our lives. These soul mates could be the right doctor you’ve needed for yourself or a family member in a time of crisis, the nurse who teaches you and encourages you to be an advocate for an illness like diabetes, a person who shows up to give you a lift to your destination when your car breaks down, or even a person who smiles at you when you’re feeling down and that smile instantly uplifts you and restores your faith in humanity.

These soul mate helpers share our spirit if even for a brief moment and touch our lives.

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