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What do you do when God shows you a vision?

This very thing happened to me with two visions. One came about a little over a year ago. The other came four months ago. Even though I can look down other people’s timelines and my own to see what’s coming in the future, it has been a long time since God has shown me a vision out of the blue like these.

What did I do? Read on to find out.

Why Did I Have This Vision

It came as a confirmation to end a long relationship with the man I was seeing. I wasn’t happy. Neither was he.

We had been stuck on autopilot in our relationship for a long time.

Could we have done something about it? Yes.

Did we want to work together to change if? No.

The reason is that we just didn’t get along. Our relationship was stressful on many levels. Being a blended family was just one of the many things we had to try to overcome.

In the end, it worked out for the best. We are still friends. We learned a lot during our time together. One of those things is that we know what we want from a relationship now.

What Was God Saying

God gave me two visions. One was a vision of me at the end of my days if I was still with this man and things didn’t change.

The outcome? It was pretty bleak. The best way to describe it was that there was no color. The scene wasn’t black and white, which has its own beauty in capturing details in light and shadow. You’ve seen Ansel Adams’s photography, right?

The color that was represented was a yellowish color, like the color of the walls in a long time smoker’s house. The yellow reminded me of being in a cave and having that light bounce off the wall. The light wasn’t bright enough to see everything, but just light enough to know where you were going.

My clothes were thread bare. My hair was gray. I wore glasses, not the usual contacts I enjoy wearing. I looked tired, worn out even though we were dancing and smiling.

Sensing the Mood of the Vision

When God gives a vision, He usually also sends an interpretation. I’ve always received these through feelings and hearing.

The words that came to me were that this is what my end of days looked like if I stayed on this path.

Since we have free will, I could feel Spirit questioning me, wondering if that was what I really wanted.

The house we were in was a two bedroom. It looked dingy, dusty and I felt we were poor. I felt I had no energy.

I felt I hadn’t lived to my potential.

I felt I had given up parts of myself that were the most vibrant. The parts where the color of me comes from.

I felt I had given up so much of myself. I had bent over backwards to keep this man in my life, but gave up the essence of myself. What made me, well me.

God’s New Vision

God placed a new vision on my heart, the second vision. It came about four months ago.

Because I hadn’t listened to the first vision, I was trying to make the relationship work.

And so was he.

Our approaches and our ways of being just didn’t mesh up and sync together. It was more chaos than it was peaceful.

But, that wasn’t the vision. Those were the feelings in the midst of the situation. Not only for me, but also for him.

The vision came unexpectedly when I was on Facebook. I suppose May is the month of marriages and anniversaries because a lot of my friends were posting about these things. Their relationship with their spouse, how many years they’ve been together, what a best friend they have, having lunch together and on and on.

I kept thinking how much I wish I had that. I wanted what they were feeling. I thought I had love, but I didn’t have the same kind of love they posted about.

Then during a friend’s post, God shone a light in my heart and gave me a vision. It was a light that resembled the brightness of a lighthouse, shining in the darkness. When it fell on my soul, I felt peace, hope, love, faith all at once… clarity, trust, and joy in my spirit.

I could see my future partner and our relationship was one of intimacy like I’d never known before. Intimacy as in friendship, love, laughter, true joy, peace, even prosperity, being in the moment, enjoying each other’s company… and being on the same path.

That very night, I told the man I was in a relationship with that we needed to talk. He felt the same that his needs weren’t being met and neither were mine. Luckily, we both realized it. And we both let go.

Moving and Moving Again

A month later, the girls and I moved. After realizing God was granting me the ability to add Counseling to the coaching business, I sought to cancel the lease with my landlord.

Graciously, he allowed as long as I found a suitable renter. Replies poured in following my ad. Visitors came to check out the house. We found a renter and I had three weeks to move out.

Everything after that was all God giving me direction, helping things fall into place. I found a place, my Mom hired movers, I packed boxes, enrolled the girls into school, and moved. All the utilities were taken care of, the walk-thru went good, and it all worked out.

I remember after my divorce when I visited a place in Atlanta for abused wives, current girlfriends, and whoever needed strength in that area of life.

I had just received a check for about $300 out of the blue from a local utility company. I believe I had overpaid for the year or something like that.

One of the ladies there was trying to decide whether to leave or not.

“When you follow God, everything falls into place. Things happen that you weren’t expecting. He takes care of you.”

Those were pretty close to my exact words to her and I told her about the check I had received.

God took care of me in this situation too. It was His timing and my willingness to follow what He told me to do.

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