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Tuning Into The Universe – Episode 11 – Trust In Yourself and Your Decisions

Afraid you’re going to make the same negative choice in relationships again? Scared to even start a relationship because you always attract negative people? Tune in and learn how to shift your negative expectations to positive ones and take a different approach in support of yourself and the other person in clear communication. See reality in illusion and make positive choices going forward.

What to Expect In This Episode

– Dealing with challenges and obstacles easily
– Know whether to change direction
– Feel grounded and comfortable
– Shift focus from negative outcomes to learn and master your choices
– How to NOT let past choices happen again
– Decide what you want in your life and make decisions from that place towards a positive outcome
– Examples of relationships where you change your standard from a negative expectation to a positive outcome
– Shift from low level expectations to a higher vibration expectation
– How to let things be and develop in relationship, not rush things, and allow the relationship to develop


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