Want to know if twin flames are real or not? Find out in this episode. You’ll also learn how a twin flame connects with you on different levels of agreement in values and communication compared to soul mates, whether anyone could be your soul mate or twin flame, and what’s needed for the relationship to work.

What to Expect In This Episode

•    The top 4 external factors that go into whether a person is your twin flame or soul mate and whether the relationship gets started in a meaningful way.
•    Whether we all can be each others’ twin flame or a soul mate
•    The difference of a twin flame and a soul mate
•    What’s involved to get a relationship started with a twin flame
•    The top 4 internal factors that go into what connects you to a twin flame
•    How soul mates help you on your life path
•    The difference of energy exchanges between soul mates and twin flames
•    What to do if you encountered a false twin flame and how it affects your current relationships
•    What you must do to truly see your twin flame and connect with them
•    How to know if you are seeing the person as they are or as you expect them to be

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  1. Zaria @ Past Life Regression Chicago
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    Hello Gabby,

    Thank you for this interesting episode! As a past life therapist, I have met many twin flames in this lifetime and past lives. The truth is that twin flames are soulmates who got into a sacred union. So this divine marriage is the ultimate connection of two soulmates who want to walk the same path. Twin flames do not come from the same soul who split in two parts but instead they are two different souls who decided to get their relationship to the next level. This concept honors the soul as it does not need someone to complete them but someone who can deeply understand them in every aspect. Now when it comes to friends and family, they are our soul family and we have a karmic relationship with them as well. A false twin is pretty someone with whom we had a soulmate connection but their frequencies and behavior reminds us a lot our twin flame.

    It was a pleasure connecting with you today! Wishing you all the best!


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