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Your highest value is the place from where all of your good intentions come from. It’s the place within you that means well, that is your true nature, your true self.

You may not always recognize where you come from unless you dig for clues.

Asking questions is the way to know and always ground yourself in your highest values.

Let’s see what questions you can ask…

They say that knowledge is power. If you know where you’re coming from then you will know that your intention is truly honorable and legit. You’ll know that you’re not coming from a place of selfishness or spite or from any place that is evil.

It seems more than most times, especially in the Christian religion, that we’re taught to examine our hearts and see if we’re coming from our own desires and greed. These ways of thinking are incredibly limiting to us in helping us get the way that we view things across to others.

The thing is that most people are doing the best they can right now. Each person is coming from some place that is the level of where they’re at right now. We all have the desire for love, security and peace among other things that are what we expect to live a decent life here on earth.

To know your highest value will help you stand strong in what you ask for and realize that you’re coming from a place that is true to yourself.

1. Ask yourself:


Why do I want this?

If you want a new car, the answer could be because the old one could fall apart at any minute and you’re scared.

2. Ask yourself:


What does this get me?

Let’s still use the new car desire. The answer could be that it would get you comfort. You’d like to be more comfortable riding in a newer car.

3. Ask yourself:


What does that get me?

Well, that new car would get me peace. I’d be comfortable riding in the new car because I’d have peace about my situation. I’d know that the car isn’t going to break down or leave me stranded on the side of the road. I’d be secure knowing there’s a warranty on it and it has all the safety features my older car doesn’t have.

So the final answer would be peace and maybe even security.

Those are big values that help you see where you’re coming from when you want something. Ultimately, we all want peace and security when we pick out a new car, especially if we have kids.

We look at the crash test ratings and make sure the car is safe before buying.

It’s not wrong to want something, but knowing why you want something will help you see whether it’s a smart decision to act upon that desire or not.

For instance, in relationships, you may find yourself desiring another person. If you do this exercise and realize it’s because you want love and you’re already married, you now know that you have a problem. You’re not feeling loved by the person you’re already with.

This is the beginning of healing that issue with your significant other. You have to communicate your feelings in order to change the situation, but realizing there’s a problem to begin with is the first step.

This exercise can help you in a lot of ways to help you stand in your power and come from your highest level.

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